We are proud to stand with Reggie Smith for State Representative because we know he will stand firm in protecting Grayson County’s interests in Austin.

Commissioners Bart Lawrence, David Whitlock, Phyllis James, & Jeff Whitmire

I am proud to endorse Reggie Smith for State Representative, HD 62.

Denicia Hohenberger, Cooper ISD Superintendent

We believe that Reggie Smith has the right combination of qualifications and integrity to best serve the people of District 62. He is a strong supporter of law enforcement and has the experience and maturity to deliver results in Austin on issues affecting public safety, border and homeland security.

Fannin, Delta and Grayson County Sheriffs, Mark Johnson, Ricky Smith & Tom Watt

I am proud to endorse Reggie Smith for State Representative. We can trust Reggie to put the interests of his district before Austin politics. He has the backing of law enforcement and will stand with his local District Attorneys in protecting our communities.

Richard Glaser, Fannin County District Attorney

I am proud to endorse Reggie Smith for State Representative. Reggie will be an effective legislative advocate who will fight for our interests on important issues such as jobs, schools, taxes and transportation funding. We can count on Reggie’s conservative leadership to get the job done in Austin.

Jared Johnson, City of Denison Mayor

Proudly Endorsed by Texans for Lawsuit Reform Political Action Committee.


We can trust Reggie Smith to protect our conservative values in Austin. I am proud to endorse him for State Representative, HD 62.

Joe Ward, Lifelong Republican Leader of Fannin County

Proudly Endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life.

Texas Alliance for Life

Reggie Smith is a strong conservative we can count on to get things done in Austin. He has the experience and leadership abilities to tackle tough, complex issues and is absolutely devoted to protecting the interests of our region. Reggie Smith has my vote for State Representative, HD 62.

Drue Bynum, Former Grayson County Judge

Proudly Endorsed by Pro-Life Organization, Life PAC.

Life PAC

Reggie Smith is dedicated to our region and will be an effective advocate for our interests in Austin. He has my vote for State Representative, HD 62.

Frank Budra, Mayor of Pottsboro

Proudly Endorsed by the Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND.

Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND
The people of Grayson, Fannin and Delta Counties can help
As your state representative, I will fight for lower taxes, less government, Texas jobs and secure borders for District 62