We can trust Reggie Smith to protect our conservative values in Austin. I am proud to endorse him for State Representative, HD 62.

Joe Ward, Lifelong Republican Leader of Fannin County

Proudly Endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life.

Texas Alliance for Life

Reggie Smith is a strong conservative we can count on to get things done in Austin. He has the experience and leadership abilities to tackle tough, complex issues and is absolutely devoted to protecting the interests of our region. Reggie Smith has my vote for State Representative, HD 62.

Drue Bynum, Former Grayson County Judge

Reggie Smith is committed to defending the private property rights of Texas ranchers and landowners,” said TSCRA PAC co-chairman Richard Thorpe. “We are proud to support Reggie for State Representative and are confident that he will well represent hardworking ranching families in the Texas Legislature.


Proudly Endorsed by Pro-Life Organization, Life PAC.

Life PAC

Reggie Smith is dedicated to our region and will be an effective advocate for our interests in Austin. He has my vote for State Representative, HD 62.

Frank Budra, Mayor of Pottsboro

Proudly Endorsed by the Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND.

Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND

We believe Reggie can protect the interests of Texas Agriculture and our local Grayson County farmers and ranchers.

Grayson County Farm Bureau Board of Directors

I’ve known Reggie Smith for over 30 years and have watched him grow to become a dedicated husband, father and an effective leader who genuinely cares about serving the public. Reggie is skilled in the practice of law, has excellent people skills, and a demonstrated lifelong commitment to the conservative principles of limited government, low taxes and protecting the unborn. We can trust Reggie Smith to fight for our interests in Austin.

Bruce Stidham, Grayson County Tax Assessor-Collector

As our next State Representative, Reggie Smith will fight to protect the interests of retired teachers in Austin. He has my vote on March 6th.

Mary Nan Story, Retired Teacher

Outstanding man for the job none better than Reggie Smith!

Jackie Crisp

Today we opened the front door to see Stephany Smith’s sweet face. I’ll never forget the first time I met Stephany at Western Heights. She told me what a great guy Aaron was and that I should consider dating him. Thankfully I listened to that advice. Aaron and I have always admired Reggie and Stephany for their strong faith and hope to teach our children how to be servant hearted like they have taught their 3 kiddos to be. Bennett is grateful that the Smith family helped encourage his parents to date and we are very proud to endorse Reggie in his race for Texas House. Reggie and his family truly live out their faith and we have no doubt that he will work hard to honor both God and this amazing state as a State Representative.

Kelsey Wilson


Reggie Smith is the only candidate endorsed by the local elected officials, grassroots conservatives and organizations we trust!

Kathy Aaron, Former Sherman Councilman Chip & Tiffany Adami, Tom & Melida Ailshire, Carl & Lori Akins, Jerald & Janette Bullard, Casey Hogenson, Robin Campbell, Mike Young, Former Grayson Co. Republican Chairman & SREC Member Frank Alvarez, Nancy Anderson, Keith & Janet Armstrong, Grayson Co. District Clerk Kelly & Kerye Ashmore, Alicia Whipple, David & Sharon Bayless, Brock Benson, Former Denison Mayor Bill Lindsey, Stewart & Josie Bowie, Megan Brown, Jeremy & Jenny Bullard, Christopher & Monica Casmedes, Frank & Karla Colwell, Kelly & Alesha Crowell, Mike & Debbie Deets, Fannin Co. Community Leaders Tom & Tommie Sue Turner, Laura Wheeler, Rebecca Farris, John & Beth Forrest, Former Grayson Co. Republican Chairman David Gibson, Grayson Co. Commissioner Jeff & Lee Ann Whitmire, Shannon Winkler, Jeff Jones, Lynn & Dianne Gravley, Bonham Councilman Kevin Hayes, Bobby & Sonja Hinsley, Pam & Rodney Carroll, Doug & Jackie Hubbard, Retired Teacher & Community Leader Mary Nan Story, Former Grayson Co. Commissioner Jackie Crisp, Daron Holland, Craig & Debbie Falco, Mark & Debra Boren, Shannon & Danna Jackson, Grayson Co. Commissioner Phyllis & David James, Matt Johnson, Doug & Che’ Jones, Janice Wade, Jamie & Tracy Knapp, Jeff & Rhonda Lewis, Former Grayson Co. Republican Chairman Larry & Patricia Millson, Cliff & Mandy Montgomery, Grayson Co. Republican Precinct Chairman Bob & Barbara Monk, Chris & Leigh Moreno, Brian & Jennifer Morgan, M. & Cathy Nazarko, Tommy & Gena Offill, Drs. Bill & Cheryl Plauche, Andy & Stacey Olmstead, Mike & Teresa Patterson, Sidney & Rachel Phillips, Sherman Mayor David & Mignon Plyler, Jennifer Reed, Jack & Nancy Ridgeway, Cameron & Patty Riddles, Kristi Risner, Randal & Morgan Shannon, James & Clydene Short, Rob & Brandi Crow, Amy Hermes, Jason & Meredith Athey, Jay & Jenny Carson, David & Donna Bedgood, Ben Wible, Denison Mayor Pro Tem Kris Spiegel, Tom & Tomi Yeary, Grayson Co. Republican Precict Chairwoman Esther Brumit, Kent & Sara Buskirk, Bob & Cheryl Cippele, Steve & Linda Cook, Bobby & Jordan Holland, Sammy & Donna Dolezalek, Former Sherman Mayor Cary & Kevin Wacker, Jan Dunkerson, Brad & Michelle Vickery, Scott & Alicia Fowler, Grayson Co. Commissioner David & Dianna Whitlock, Angela Magers, Erin McCoy, Andy Griffin, Robert Hempkins, Sue Brown, Tom Bean Mayor Sherry Howard, Megan McCoy, Whitesboro Mayor W.D. & Susan Welch, Marcus Olds, Dr. Adam Coffey, Donnie & Laurie Armstrong, Robin Atherton, John & Beth Carroll, Trevor Beaty, Bill Benton, Former Denison Mayor Jack Lilly, Former Denison Mayor Robert & Carolyn Brady, Neil & Jayna Brown, Jeff & Stephanie Burge, Ryan & Carrie Cernero, Jason Welch, Reggie & Sue Harris, Randal & Amy Denton, Brad & Michelle Vickery, Tim & Buffy Dungan, Cody Fennell, Joe & Kris Fowler, Dean & Gail Gilbert, Sr., Aaron & Kelsey Wilson, Michael Kelly, Chad Hunter, Cindy Griffin, Casey & Renae Heilman, Michael & Rachel Hinsley, Roger Lutrell, Pete & Kim Hudgins, Lt. Col.(Ret) & Texoma Patriots Coord. Kaaren Teuber, Laura Lewis Mosby, President of Texas Republican Co. Chairman Assoc. Janet Jackson, Pecan Gap Councilman Ed Pickard, Denison Mayor Jared & Rebecca Johnson, Joey Jordan, Gunter Mayor Mark Millar, Sherri Knobbe, Jared & Christi Light, Brian & Jennifer Morgan, Luke Motley, Steve Palmer, Former Denison Mayor Ben Munson, Bo & Laura Mosby, Donnie & Darla Neill, Marcus & Sylvia Olds, Adrian & Ginny O’Hanlon, Retired Teacher & Community Leader Jo Ann Osburn, Todd & Claire Petelski, Meribeth Phillips, Paul & Beth Proctor, Grayson Co. Republican Precinct Chairman Duane Raine, Reggie & Sherilyn Smith, Gaylon & Cassidey Riddles, Clay & Allison Robertson, Andrew & Tina Sikes, Former Grayson Co. Republican Chairman & SREC Member Clyde Siebman, Ryan Johnson, David & Sandi Key, Randy & Gabby Miller, Grayson Co. Commissioner Bart & Cindy Lawrence, Jeff & Kery Lillis, Fannin Co. Sheriff Mark Johnson, Robert Towers, Robin Pierson, Peter & Kathy Munson, Glenn Nix, Kari Piazza, Craig & Dusty Wells, Paula Thomas, Randy & Debra Pettit, Welby & Rose Pleasant, Darrel Ramey, Rhonda Roman, Denison Councilwoman Teresa Adams, Garrett & Jamie Riddles, Steve & Gay Roddy, Jay & Denise Skipworth, Sue Siebman, Mike & Sherry Wynne, Steve Atkins, Rod Holle, Joel & Kerry Bedgood, Brian Blakey, Denison Councilman J.C. Doty, Randy & Kim Uselton, Pottsboro Mayor Frank Budra, Kevin & Marla Butler, Brad & Jourdan Clough, Shane & Kayla Cranford, JoAnn Irvin, Chris & Deb Dorak, Monte & Michelle Walker, Sandra Eagleton, Jim & Becky Fennell, Von & Carrie Gallagher, Dean & Tracy Gilbert, Jr., Dave & Patsy Wilson, Zack Magers, Billy & Kristen McCoy, Chad & Carianna Haker, Rexie Hendrix, Cooper ISD Superintendent Denicia Hohenberger, Retired Teacher & Sherman Councilwoman Pam Howeth, Lisa McMakin, Janey Hogenson, Tom Johnson, Brian Kimberlin, Russell & Kelly Moore, Denise Lovelace, Robin Phillips, Jerry Price, Scott & Wendy Renfro, John Nix, Jeff & Dena Moody, D.C. & Lisa Whitley, Vernon Richardson, Robert Earl Richardson, Janet Ventura, Grayson & Samantha Riddles, Jim & Becky Russell, Grayson Co. Republican Chairman Larry Shoemaker, Micah Taylor, Scott & Hannah Horsley, Don & Sue Barker, Fannin Co. Republican Leaders Joe & Sandra Ward, Danny & Cladene Belcher, Todd & Polly Blankenship, Kelsey Wilson, Jon & Annette Skupin, Ronnie & Diane Bullard, Former Grayson Co. Judge Drue & Nora Bynum, Former Denison Mayor Ronnie & Rita Cole, Fannin Republican Precinct Chairman Russell & Denise Green, Former Sherman Councilman Lawrence & Phyllis Davis, Bill & Joan Douglass, Becky Elk, Justin Fennell, Former Grayson Co. Sheriff Keith & Uva Gary, Hoyt & Brandy Mann, Mike Shaw, Trent Hamilton, Randy & Kim Hensarling, Phillip & Erin Holt, Terrance Vaughan, Patsy Neal, Jeremy McMillen, Brad Morgan, Tera Norris, Roger Sanders, Herman & Julia Ringler, Brenda Sampson, Dave & Andrea Sroufe, Aaron Whitmire, Jeff & DeeAnn Bullard, Terri Barton, John & Jo Williamson, Micah Belden, Becky Blomstedt, Debbie Cholette, David Ellis, Paul Ivy, Shawn Davis, Brad Douglass, Dustin & Lyla Elk, Butch & Susan Fife, Sharron Gibbons, Billy & Stephanie Wolfe, Dave & Trudy Maxwell, Fannin Co. District Attorney Richard Glaser, Erica Hyatt, Cora Lou Higgins, James & Brandi Watson, Grayson Co. Tax Assessor-Collector Bruce Stidham, Henry Phillips, Mike Springer, Kathryn Scheibmeir, George Woodroof, Cheryl Gary, Rance Davis, Philip & Ashley Bennett, Randy & Rita Brooks, Chris & Judy Walling, Kayla Elk, John Flanders, Brandy Wilson, Nat & Kathleen McClure, Bill Godwin, Leta Hatfield, Jeremy Wood, Elizabeth Craver, Gary & Leigh Evans, Jason & Tammy Ford, Suzy Sloan Jones, Brett & Debbie Graham, Rod & Stephanie Hawkins, Denison Councilwoman Janet Gott, Trenton VFD Chief C.J. & Kimberly Fillingham, Sam & Judy Falls, James & Dana Tennyson, Cooper ISD Board Pres. Thomas Darden, Cooper ISD Board VP Blake Randle, Cooper ISD Board Secretary Kregg Slakey, Cooper ISD Board Member Jeff Phifer, Cooper ISD Board Member Mandy Freeman, Cooper ISD Board Member Lea Waller, Fannin Co. Republican Precinct Chairman Thump Witcher, Delta Co. Sheriff Ricky Smith
The people of Grayson, Fannin and Delta Counties can help
As your state representative, I will fight for lower taxes, less government, Texas jobs and secure borders for District 62